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Our Journey - From Car Conversations to Start Up!
From car conversations to building a small business that embodies our values of health, wellbeing, inclusion and fun.  10 months ago we were chatting in the car about how a unique gift idea such as doughnut boxes and hampers were fantastic,...
Welcome Treaters, to a New Age of Gifting!
Our promise is to provide, beautiful handmade desserts, that are healthy, delicious and ensure hassle-free gifting. Our products are 100% raw ingredients that are naturally high in protein, have absolutely no refined sugars and preservatives. So you can feel satisfied knowing they'll be enjoying each part of the gift from you. 
The Start of a Healthy Alternative – Introducing Healthy Dessert Boxes
Confession: we absolutely love eating desserts, but it shouldn't have to be doom and gloom when you want to treat yourself. So lets talk about how we can help you make steps towards a healthy lifestyle.