Vegan Gift Boxes

It’s fascinating - when you compare the availability of food, the different cuisines and delicacies, you should be almost overwhelmed with the amount of choice available to you.
If we take a blast in the past, I don’t think any of our ancestors would have believed anything about dessert boxes, guilt free treats, pronuts and protein balls - if you said this to them, they would be thoroughly confused.
Think about the caveman days of eating what you hunt or whatever fruits and vegetables your tribe gathers, to the variety we now have. Let’s put the Treat ‘Em catalogue aside for a moment (not even touching upon the gluten free, vegan desserts or even maternity friendly range).
Going broadly, there’s your italian pastas, laksa, vietnamese pho, spring rolls and stir fries. Yet as our lifestyles and needs change, logically it would make sense the amount of choice and satisfaction would still remain available to everyone.
Every year, more and more people are making the decision to go vegan! Everyday there’s new vegan desserts popping up, I know that the Sydney vegan dessert scene has really blown up from your convenience store Drumsticks and Connoisseur ice cream to places like Peanut Butter Bars and even new creations like vegan ramen.
People choose the vegan lifestyle for multiple reasons. I have many friends who have started from their recently developed lactose intolerance, to morals or taking a stand in improving the eco-footprint or for animal cruelty purposes. No matter what the reason, it’s a different lifestyle.
With the rising popularity, you would think that veganism is a normality and simply just another lifestyle choice others opt for, but you know what? Let me ask these questions (pretty sure vegans and non-vegans will arrive at the same answer).
  1. How hard is it finding/buying gifts for your vegan friends? We’re talking about those birthday gifts, dessert boxes, celebration gifts, congratulations and anniversary occasions!
  2. How many healthy, vegan but still delicious treats have you seen in the market? And NO! Just because something is vegan does not mean healthy :P 
  3. How many times have you seen a larger mark-up on products labelled as “vegan”, “plant based” or “dairy free”?
  4. To our vegan fam, how hard is it finding vegan treats or desserts to indulge on?
When we started Treat ‘Em, people loved our idea as The Original Healthy Dessert Box. We’ve always had friends who were vegans and they would always complain to us about those 4 points. After spending 6 months in developing our vegan recipes, we hit the Glebe Market Stalls and people were shocked. We had to pick their jaws up from the floor when we told them it was vegan because they could not tell the difference.
At Treat ‘Em, we like to think of ourselves as two things, the first, magicians. Magicians in creating Sydney’s tastiest healthy dessert box, and sprinkling that same magic into our vegan dessert boxes. The second, problem solvers.

Problem Solving #1 - Finding the perfect vegan gift

It just so happens that we get it. We faced the same troubles, where everything that was delicious was either non-vegan, overpriced, or if it was vegan, didn’t look that great.. At Treat ‘Em, we decided to tackle this head on, and so we’ve created an entire vegan range to treat others the guilt-free way, or to treat yourself. You can view our entire collection here but if you’re not sure where to start? We’ve got you covered..
A classic favourite of ours is the Celebration Box. It was the first box we released, in both vegan and non-vegan. We wanted this to be the start of everything, a celebration for inclusivity, a celebration to making a statement that you don’t need to pay more for a different lifestyle,a celebration to combining delicious with healthy and a celebration for the creation of Sydney’s Best Protein Balls.
Our Celebration Box comes with our original flavours - hazelnut cream, choc coconut and choc peanut. Not sure what it tastes like? The Hazelnut Cream Protein balls taste like a Kinder Bueno, literally a healthy dessert or healthy Kinder Bueno. Literally. Best. Of. Both. Worlds.
Our Choc Coconut is for the coconut lovers and Bounty lovers, and Choc Peanut is a real treat for those with a Snickers addiction.
The Choc Peanut in all its entire goodness has double the peanut, combined with house-made peanut butter amidst the cacao powder and topped with crushed peanuts. We drool as we type this.
This is just one of box of many others, so feel free to browse our other boxes if you’re curious. P.S. If you have someone’s Birthday Box, the Birthday Box is a pretty good shout. Literally a party of healthy desserts and goodness.

Problem Solving #2 - Combining Healthy & Vegan

At Treat ‘Em, we believe that eating healthy is a lifestyle, but it doesn’t mean compromising the good things in life. There’s a common misconception in two things: “healthy” and “veganism”. There’s some common ground in between, where both misconceptions are that healthy and vegan doesn’t taste as great, or going healthy/being vegan requires sacrifice, which means it’s a hard lifestyle to maintain. Lastly, eating healthy and beging vegan is expensive. Guess we’re playing a bit of mythbusters here and debunking these myths Treat ‘Em style. Proof is in our pudding - or protein desserts ;) 
Firstly, healthy can mean something different to everyone and there is no wrong or right. Healthy comes from mental health or physical health, being active or eating well. It’s also a mindset, because it’s not about restricting yourself to starvation or limiting yourself from everything you enjoy. Additionally, a pet peeve of ours is that just because something is ‘vegan’ doesn’t make it healthy either. If you look at vegan desserts, there’s still copious amounts of refined sugar, butter alternatives or substitutes that still contribute to diabetes. 
Being healthy is not a one size fits all description, it’s about finding balance and developing the healthy habits that suit you. We like to describe it as, finding your healthy alternatives. That’s why for Treat ‘Em, we are that healthy alternative for people. Healthy means no refined sugar, no artificial flavours or preservatives. Every ingredient we use is natural, raw and nutritious to ensure that we don’t compromise quality with taste. Every creation of ours is healthy, delicious and 100% vegan.

Problem Solving #3 - We don’t believe in paying more for different lifestyles

Part of the Research & Development phase meant spending hours walking aisles of supermarkets, wholesale areas, health food stores and online shopping. What our co-founders noticed is that anything with the label of vegan, dairy-free, soy-free or gluten-free would be more expensive. However if you compare the ingredients, there is no reason why the prices should be obviously different. Reputable health brands with dominant market share, were also doing their mark up and training consumers to believe this to be an expectation.
To this, we say HELL NO. No thank you. Denied. 88% of consumers are willing to pay more for something that’s marketed as “healthy”. Slightly controversial, but at Treat ‘Em, we don’t believe you should have to pay more for a different choice or lifestyles.
Our co-founders have had to pay $10.50 for a slice of vegan carrot cake, even though after you look into the recipe (firstly it wasn’t healthy, there was plenty of refined sugar), there wasn’t a large difference with a non-vegan carrot cake. Also sadly it didn’t taste better. When they founded Treat ‘Em, the first thing they decided on was to ensure that pricing would be fair, and we would stay true to being equal and inclusive. That’s why when you look at our vegan range and non-vegan range, we do not charge more for vegan and that is our promise.

Problem Solving #4 - To our vegan fam, you never need to look elsewhere for your sweet tooth cravings or gifting needs.

If you’ve been able to read this far, we commend you. We just want you to know, you can trust Treat ‘Em. Tell your friends about us and join us in our movement one healthy dessert box at a time.
Let us surprise you in the best, sweetest way possible.