Treat 'Em Product Ingredients Information

It’s our promise to bring the best of both worlds together, where we pair delicious with guilt free - but what does ‘guilt free’ mean to Treat ‘Em?

  • Our recipes are refined sugar free. The sweetness and ‘sugar’ content come from dates which are high in fibre, antioxidants and improved digestion
  • We are proudly Australian owned and everything we pack into our boxes, are locally made, with raw, natural, real ingredients to ensure quality
  • Whilst everything we have is dessert inspired, all Treat ‘Em recipes are non-processed, which means the breakdown of the nutrition table is all natural carbs, natural sugar, natural fats which are actually necessary fuel for the body
  • Lastly, we still like to keep things fun, so we chose popcorn. Popcorn is a healthy snack – a whole-grain, fiber rich and low in fat favourite for everyone

So go on and treat ‘em the guilt free way. Have more questions? Send an email

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pronut nutrition table

protein ball nutrition table

slices nutrition table