Just two friends cheating the cheat days!

Our story begins with our friends and family – the most important people in our lives who all had two things in common. The love of food and eater’s remorse. We were part of the masses, trying and witnessing a world record of failed diets.
Set on stopping this tragedy, we were determined in finding a solution to binge without regrets!
Our vision is to be the #1 enabler of a healthier lifestyle.
By providing a healthy alternative to empower everyday people to be the best version of themselves.

Take a stand with us against the evil temptations in life and start a new delicious way of gifting and spoiling the people you love – the guilt free way. 
We're passionate about minimising our carbon foot print as much as possible, which is why we made sure that our packaging is only of the highest quality so you can use to repurpose, it however you like. 
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