The Ultimate Christmas Guide

Hi there! Venus here (Co-Founder of Treat ‘Em).

If only gift giving for Christmas was as simple as five golden rings, four calling birds, three french hens, two turtle doves and a partridge in a pear tree - but wait. Even if that was all gift giving in Christmas was, where would you even find calling birds, french hens and pear trees?
Every year, there’s a rush and elevated stress as people are in a frantic to buy Christmas gifts that are personalised, unique, and budget friendly. If you happen to be a manager for a team, or have an extra big family, multiply that stress by 100 because now you need to find bulk gifts that don’t break your wallet but still doesn’t come across as something last minute or cheap. Holy! Life is tough.
ASIC’s Money Smart website estimates that Australians spend on average $955 over Christmas. That would’ve been a holiday to Hawaii pre-COVID, back when borders were still open. With less people going overseas for holidays in 2020 because of closed borders, that’s a lot of extra Christmas shopping and spending that will be happening this year. The pursuit of the personalised, perfect gift experience is that much harder to achieve. Or at least we think it is. This usually happens when you’ve left your Christmas shopping down to the last minute, last second. How do you expect to find something unique AND personalised for the next day? That’s when daylight robbery happens and you’re more prone to breaking your piggy bank.
Treat ‘Em is Sydney based, and if you’re like the rest of Sydney - gift giving is HARD! Finding that perfect gift for your sister, your mister, your friends and family. This isn’t even touching upon Christmas shopping. Part of why we started Treat ‘Em is to make your life easier in finding that personalised, unique gift or just present some new, original gift ideas that will be loved by everyone.
For 2020, I’ve put together the ultimate Christmas gift guide to eliminate your stresses, worries, anxiety and any negative emotions because, Christmas is meant to be a joyous season. A fun time of year, worry less, enjoy more, eat more and celebrate more instead.

Gifts for the Office/Large Families/Multiple people!!

This is probably one of the most stressful parts of gifting, when you want to give a thoughtful gift to multiple people. I used to manage a team of 20 people and when it came to Christmas, bulk gifting was my biggest nightmare as it was coming out of my pocket, but I still wanted it to be both festive, fun, practical, and thoughtful.
For all the corporate gifters, or the ones loved by many people, I got you covered. We released the Kris Kringle Box with those exact intentions in mind. Something for everyone, it has your green and your reds, and all boxes give you the chance to tailor and personalise a gift message. These boxes are only $35 with a minimum order of 5, and all you need to do is give us a call or email us to make some minor personalisations. We have 6 Protein Ball Flavours to choose from: Berry Bliss, Caramel Crunch, Choc Coconut, Choc Peanut, Hazelnut Cream and Iced Coffee. Point is, all your bulk gifting is sorted with the click of a single button.

Gifts for the Practical People

Don’t you sometimes just hate how practical some people can be? Where everything, every addition, every action needs to serve a purpose otherwise it’s deemed as wasteful. If anything, if it’s multi-purpose then it’s even better. I’m sure everyone knows someone who is practical, and usually they’re the hardest people to gift for because they’ve already bought everything they’ve needed.
Funny enough, my co-founder, Cynthia is one of these practical people and if it’s not something useful, she doesn’t appreciate or care about it as much. TOUGH! This is where our creation of the Love Yo’Self Jar comes in - because it’s all about the receiver, something good enough and practical enough for you to even gift yourself. Our Love Yo’Self Jar comes in a reusable, sealed glass jar that you can use for your Protein Ball Refills, or maybe dried pasta in the kitchen. With a glass jar, your world is your oyster. Additionally, it’s the perfect snack to go with any coffee, and comes in three different flavours for some variety. 
Did I mention that all of our products cater to intolerances? It’s gut friendly, dairy free, soy free, can be gluten free (will need to make a request to us to customise!) and maternity friendly. That’s a lot of different groups we’re catering to, and practical people can fall under any group. So check out the Love Yo’Self Jars
. All jars come with a personalised message too.

Gifts for the Sweet Tooth

Ok. So I have a guilty confession to make. I was once a sugar holic, but the moment that sweetness hits your tongue and the endorphins get released, oof. I’m hooked. There is no other unique sensation that can replace the deliciousness of desserts. Which is why we created the healthy dessert box that gives you the best of both worlds.

This product in particular, is our number one best seller. We are the original creators of the Pronut - Protein Donut. Everyone loves it, four different flavours, each one curbing your sugar cravings. Only that all our recipes have no refined sugars, so you’re literally cheating the cheat days and indulging in Gaytimes, Snickers, Kinder Buenos and Berry flavoured sweets with no guilt whatsoever because it’s all made by natural, premium ingredients refined sugar. Also yes, our pronut snack pack has all of these four flavours mixed into one so you’re literally winning in life if you need a gift for those with a sweet tooth. All these flavours are in our best seller, the Pronut Snack Pack. It’s so good you’d almost want to buy it for yourself!

Gifts for your BFF - the most amazing person in the world

A best friend is pretty special. They are your sister from another mister, a brother from another mother. Fact: Your best friend, is the best. Such an amazing human being that you can’t give them any old gift, can’t just be a cookie cutter gift, but something thoughtful, unique, and something you know they’ll love. 
Your friendship with them is the creme de la creme where you want to give them the best, the world because they deserve nothing less. Spoil your BFF this merry season with a unique, personalised dessert box. Not just any dessert box, but our Ultimate Gift Box.

Delicious? You got it.

Best of the best? You got it.

So much variety of everything delicious and more? You got it.

We are confident that this is the best gift ever, best dessert box ever, best (and only) healthy dessert box.
You can do no wrong by treating the ultimate friend, with the ultimate gift. Best part about it is that you get a bit of everything...and more. We make sure each box is packed with maximum love.

Gifts for the Expecting or New Mummas

Did you know that pregnant, expecting mums should avoid dairy, foods containing vitamin A, cheese, alcohol and processed foods? Did you also know that, that list is only the tip of the iceberg. Think about it though, your pregnant, expecting friend is literally cooking up life in their body system, how crazy is that? They are literally creating new life, which means it is so much more important for them to be aware of what they’re putting into their body because whatever they eat, will impact their baby. As any mother’s first priority, you also want to rightfully make sure that whatever you’re giving them, is also giving both of them the best chances of being healthy. Even the new mums are recommended certain diets to help recovery, and boost their body with the nutrition they need.
That’s why we work with nutritionists to ensure that everything we do, everything we make and everything you eat, is actually good for you. We make sure it’s good for you, then style and turn it from a beautiful gift idea into a unique, personalised gift experience. 
We have a whole maternity range but also, every single ingredient we use for our recipes are premium, natural, real ingredients that have a nutritious purpose. My pick is the Maternity Box, consisting of Pukka tea specifically designed for womankind and relaxation (because pregnancy is a tiring process), you can pair the tea perfectly with blueberry slices, pistachio slices and protein balls. Protein is essential for balancing nutrition!
When you send off the Maternity Box, make sure you add in a super personalised message to let them know you’re there for them and just as excited for them.

Gifts for Him

In my personal biased experience, men are the highest to buy for. They are notoriously difficult to buy for, if you ask your dad, brother, male colleague what he wants, “whatever” “not much” “hahaha don’t worry about it”. None. Of. These. Answers. Help.
Most men tend to keep quiet about what they want and if there is something new, fun, interesting or unique on the market, they go out and buy it for themselves. Treat ‘Em somehow manages to make the impossible, possible. Everything we have is for the men who are into their protein or fitness, gender neutral, those who love chocolate and peanuts (I don’t think I’ve met a man who hasn’t liked peanuts before), the workaholics and the massive foodie. 
We sold hundreds of boxes for Father’s Day, and the amount of positive feedback, social mentions we got was amazing so have confidence. My top pick would be the Birthday Box - cut out the tea bulls* and right to the point for them. Pronuts, Protein Balls, Choc Coconut Hearts and an explosion of popcorn. Yasssss. They can’t even guess it’s healthy most of the time because it already tastes so dam good. This is one of those boxes where you don’t need a birthday occasion to give the Birthday Box because it’s fit for any event.

To Everyone Else

I’ve tried covering off most of the different types of people you’d buy for, but hey, it’s Christmas, so if you’re trying to save time and turn to something reliable, turn to our Christmas Collection.
Something you can’t go wrong with, for the people who are special enough to you, a nice, meaningful gesture, is our Christmas Crackers Box. Hopefully you’ll be with them to pop open a Christmas Cracker for a little fun!
So no more stressing, we have your Christmas for 2020, wrapped up in a pretty little bow. Actually, make that twine.