COVID Valentine’s Gift Guide 2021 - the Best Valentine’s Gifts to Give

Valentine’s Day is that time of year where it is easily forgotten until you realise that you need a last minute gift to avoid an earful, some passive aggressiveness or silent treatments for being “forgotten”. The true value of Valentine’s Day isn’t about giving any gift in a profession of love. It’s not about finding the most expensive valentine’s gift, luxury valentine’s gift or hot valentine’s gift when there is no meaning or thought behind it. Valentine’s Day is a celebration of each one’s love story, whether it be romantic, platonic, familial or even self love. 
However most commonly, it is celebrated between romantic couples who want to make a statement and through the art of gift giving, communicate a personal message. It just so happens, it’s usually done through finding expensive valentine’s gifts that are both romantic, and meaningful. Yet for your special someone, you also want to make them feel special which is where the hunt for a unique valentine’s gift or special valentine’s gift comes into play.
Valentine’s isn’t just between romantic couples, I did a massive celebration of Galentine’s (or Palentine’s) Day in the last two years with my gals. These are my soul mates, my platonic lovers (non romantic!!!) but my special people who I love in a very different way, and in lieu of a romantic partner, I want to shower them with love and appreciation. Who needs a man when you’ve got your gals, who needs gals when you’ve got your bros, they’re just as worthy of finding that special Valentine’s gift. Somehow though, my friends are all so logical and practical which means I need to find them a practical Valentine’s gift instead which can be harder than it sounds!
The last type of love story is probably the most important one yet the one most easily forgotten. This love is the most powerful and probably the most deserving of a meaningful valentine’s gift. The journey to self love is how you find happiness within yourself, where you don’t need anyone else, because you’ve found happiness and love within yourself. Everything else just becomes an extra add on.

Being kind to yourself and treating yourself because you deserve it.

Life is tough, we all sit on roller coasters and you spend the most time with well, yourself every day so you may as well make the most of it.
This year, Treat ‘Em has compiled the ultimate valentine’s gift guide - suitable for COVID times as everything is delivered to the door, to the office, contactless. The best Valentine’s Gift Guide that is suitable for all types of love. We’ll list 6 different types of personalities and gifts for different relationships because 6 is the number of love. Fun fact, did you know 6 is the number of Venus - the goddess of love? 

For Your Soulmate

A soulmate is a person where you look into their eyes, and you feel complete. You know that they are the one for you and love them with every piece of your heart, body and soul. The type of love that gives you an out-of-world experience, where your relationship is magic. These are the loved ones where you know, the best deserve the best, and also can be the hardest ones to buy for because you’ve done all the traditional roses, old school Valentine’s gifts, every old trick in the book but you still want them to feel special. This is where Treat ‘Em has taken it upon ourselves to deliver the most special, luxury Valentine’s Gift suitable for all different budgets, where modern meets traditional and we are going above the standard bouquet, putting a twist in it all. Beyond donut bouquets, roses, chocolates, we’ve created a one of kind art, a luxury Valentine’s Gift like no other - the first ever Luxury Floral Dessert Bouquet. We’ve named it as “Your Love Story”, because each story, every love and how it started is unique. It marks a moment in your relationship, to bring something special, for that someone special.

The Difficult to Buy For/In-Between Relationships (AKA Couples between 6 months - 2 years, this is for you)

Maybe you’ve found a partner you truly love, they’re not yet your soulmate but definitely head over heels in love. They’re someone you’re almost sure about. Or maybe you’ve found the man of your dreams, or the woman of your dreams but they are the hardest to buy for because they lean more towards the practical kind. This is where you think to yourself, they aren’t the flowers kind because they die, you need to be somewhat original and give them something special, but still have the romantic aspect. This is where you go through the difficulty of finding a practical gift that they’ll enjoy, yet unique in its own way. Treat ‘Em is all about breaking social norms and redefining the way we do gifting and desserts. For the practical Valentine’s gift that can’t go wrong with a hint of spice, romance, memorability and yet will please all people, we have our Valentine’s Box. Combined with a splash of roses with delectable desserts, so good that you can’t even tell it’s guilt free, it doesn’t break your bank being one of the rare gifts that combines it all under $100. If your partner doesn’t like roses (which happens), then go for the pronut snack pack to hit the spot because what’s better than a donut dessert box? When it’s guilt free and you can indulge without any guilt.
valentines day gift for her

Budding Relationships 

Budding relationships are the hardest. You’ve either just started a relationship, still getting to know each other, or transitioned from friendship or something casual to something meaningful. BUT you’re still not sure. What does one do for Valentine’s Day if there’s still uncertainties? An extravagant gesture is probably too much, an expensive Valentine’s gift is also probably a bit too much for something new, however the meaning still counts. Pair our pronut snack pack with a teddy bear and you are sorted. Treat ‘Em is the creator of pronut = protein + donut. With 4 of our best flavours, golden gaytime, snickers, caramel swirl and the acai berry, a flavour for every personality. The teddy bear just adds a nicer touch to it all because it’s the small, cute things that count. If you feel like you need a rose, add a single stem rose with the teddy bear or maybe no teddy bear.

Your Besties

This is your extended family, a crew in itself and a soulmate of another kind. You can communicate by the glance of an eye, a grunt, an emoji, where no words need to be said. They know you inside and out, and you can have conversation for days. Honestly, they’ve seen you at your best and worst, maybe held your hair, did crazy things together and helped you get through heartbreak. This is your BFF, where you don’t need romance because you’ve got them. Our Classic Celebration Box is where it all started, coming in a sleek magnetic box and includes our original best selling flavours, premium dark chocolate coffee beans to your Pukka teas. F*K the roses because you don’t need no romance cos you got your bae.
valentines day gift idea sydney

Family Appreciation

Arguably, family is everything. Blood is thicker than water. They shape who you are, who you’ve become, your past, your own personal stories. You can make Valentine’s Day more meaningful for family. If you’ve ever watched Frozen, didn’t they teach you that true love can be between family? Too corny? I’ll stop. Valentine’s Day can be made into a memorable celebration with your family because they’ve been there for you. To bring some fun, we suggest the Birthday Box because you don’t need a birthday to have a celebration, and that box is packed with fun and love. However if you’re a die-hard family lover, you may consider the Ultimate Gift Box because this is amazing for the big families, the best share pack that everyone loves and can’t get their hands off of. Your choice!
ultimate dessert box

For Yourself, You and Nobody Else

LOVE THYSELF. Love yourself before anyone else - because nobody else will care about the way yourself more than yourself. Don’t get bogged down by all the celebrations and romance between other people if that’s not your scene, if anything the most ideal way is to plop yourself on the couch, put on some Netflix in your trackies, wear your embarrassing socks, no make up and just treat yourself. Treat ‘Em is all about loving yourself which is why we created the Love Yo’Self Protein Ball Mixed Jar. These are Sydney’s best protein balls, that will beat any vain, luxury Valentine’s Gift cos every single bite is for you. You do not need to share this with anyone and best of all, it’s delicious. They say food is love, so if you want to treat yourself, treat yourself the guilt free way today.
valentines day gift for yourself
This completes our Valentine’s Gift Guide for 2021, and just remember, you are loved. This is one of our favourite events of the year, where love can be truly celebrated in every way. Sometimes we forget to show our love, and Valentine’s is a perfect reminder to love, and be loved. Check out our full range to see what else we do. We’ve got something for everyone and can guarantee a memorable gifting experience to bring that spark to their door step - the Treat ‘Em style.