Father's Day in Australia 2020 | Father's Day Gift Box

Father's Day in Australia 2020 Father's Day is special.

When is Father's Day? It's 6th of September. 

Its the chance to show your Father exactly how much he means to you. The magnitude of your love for him just can't be quantified so how the hell do you buy a Father's Day gift for him?!

Whether its a unique Father's Day gift, a funny Fathers day gift, a thoughtful Father's Day gift ... the options seem endless. The best Father's Day gift ideas are personalised Father's Day gifts that are thoughtful. Now, that could just be me but if you're looking for a Father's Day gift idea in 2020 in Sydney, let me give you some options.

Our Father's Day box in made to compliment flavours and palettes of all tastes. It comes with 3x decadent Snickers Pronuts (Protein Donut/Healthy Donut) guaranteed to be a crowd pleaser and paired with the smooth taste of our Choc Coconut D.A.D. These flavour compliment each other because they'll balance the taste on your tongue and make sure with every bite you take, it tastes exactly like it should. So damn delicious. It also comes with 6x different flavour protein balls to help him pick a favourite! We finish the box with chocolate coated coffee beans for that extra kick of energy.

Dad will love you for it. Why?! The healthy dessert boxes have been curated to compliment each product's unique taste. They are thoughtfully put together to make sure Dad knows his special. 

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