How to Make a Dessert Box

So you want to know how to make a dessert box? Great, you're in the right place. 

Honestly, it's a question we get asked more regularly than you'd think so we'll let you in on the secret so you can make the perfect dessert box for that certain someone! 

It's important to always have the recipient at the forefront of your mind. What do they like? What desserts? What flavours? What's unique? It's doesn't always need to be food-related, as it can definitely be more of a hamper. 

For example, if someone loves chococlate desserts you're likely going to choose a chocolate themed box to suit their pallette. Next you'll want to think about what type of chocolates they like - which brands are their favourite? 

Let's assume you've picked 3 top favourites; the kinder bueno, snickers and kit kats. Simply purchase them at your local supermarket and you're good to go with the main foods!

After this, think about making this dessert box and how you'll be able to add more products thay they'll like. Maybe they love museli bars, mousse, cakes - literally anything they'll love and put it in there. 

Feel free to have a little fun making a dessert box by adding a mug, coasters and glasses. It doesn't have to be edible to be great, but lets be real, good food is the key to every foodies heart. 

Once you have all the things they'll love, you'll never ask us how to make a dessert box again! Now buy a beautiful box and put it all together - we can guarantee that if you thought about the recipient, what they liked, what they wanted and the things that make their heart skip a beat then you would have nailed it. 

 Our dessert boxes were made with the intention to suit every palette, most dietary requirements and be versitle enought to go with any ocassion.