Birthday Box - Best Birthday Gift

How many friends and family do you have? How many friends of friends and colleagues do you know? Mix that all together and you realise that you know a lot of people, but also a consistent stream of birthdays happening in a year and the best (or maybe worst) part is that they happen year after year!

Usually there’s three types of gift giving people when it comes to celebrating their loved ones birthdays, the one where you know them inside and out, you know the exact things they’d love as a birthday present and BOOM easiest decision ever. Or you have the other type where it’s a super stressful process which requires a long process of opening all the possible gift ideas, gift blog ideas, going into all the tabs of reasonable birthday gifts they might like – are we going for a fun angle? A nice angle? A gimmick? An event? Then you make your decision from last minute stress or you just want to be done with it. The third type is the birthday grinches (talking about myself – my birthday is on Boxing Day) where they don’t really get anything for friends, because they also don’t want anything and nothing happens.

That’s why we’ve created the Birthday Box to accommodate all three types, even the Birthday Grinch. Treat ‘Ems Birthday Box guarantees to impress the toughest critic and the fussiest of friends with an explosion of deliciousness from our Dessert-based Protein Balls to our Pronuts to the Hearts (because how else do you express love in a box without hearts). Try to name someone who doesn’t love food! To be fair, Birthday Grinches still love a good birthday surprise, a birthday gift always means that someone is thinking about you and it goes a long way. Maybe that’s how you convert the Birthday Grinches into ones who celebrate their birthdays with everyone else, or maybe you’re just in a generous mood and feel like giving a surprise birthday gift for the sake of it!

This year, if you’re feeling adventurous, scrap the ‘best birthday gifts for her’, ‘best birthday gifts for him’, ‘best all time birthday gift’ blogs and click here to view our birthday range to see our view of the solution. I can guarantee you have someone in your life whose birthday is coming up next month…we do next day delivery too so perfect for the type two last minute gifters.



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