Friendships are Forever - BFF Box

Before we go into the BFF Box, close your eyes and think to yourself, who is the person who has been there for you through all the break ups, to the silly moments and keeper of your deepest darkest secrets? From sharing those tears of joy and laughter to those of sadness, where they’re there for you through thick and thin, where the bro code, girl code originated? We are talking about something beyond just a friend, where they blur the boundary between friendship and family because in a way, they are your indirect family, or maybe they’re both, but they are your go to person for everything, your BFF.

    That is almost the BFF Box defined. We’re lucky enough to have started Treat ‘Em from a place of friendship, sisterhood and now co-founders. The amount of times we’ve been there for each other through the highs and lows (absolute rock bottom) and also the most unexpected, unwanted but oh-so-entertaining drama inspired our BFF Box.

    Treat ‘Em has always had every intention to be able to spoil the ones you love, but the guilt free way which led to the creation of the BFF Box. We figured we would take it further than a classic dessert box, or a generic healthy dessert box and dedicated a specific dessert box to the BFFs – the people you ride or die with. The BFF Box is special to us because true friends are hard to find, they are hard to come by but they are the light to any darkness, the ones that will still be there for you and stay by your side when you need them most no matter the distance or time apart.

    If you’re reading this and thinking of that special someone, send them a BFF Box today to show them your appreciation. Actions speak louder than words, and it’s that much better when it’s something edible and delicious. Better yet, next time you’re hanging out, sleeping over, or just chilling, grab a BFF Box to share and enjoy guilt free indulgence together. Finally, all BFF Boxes are packed with love, but to see what’s inside, click here.

    We’d love to hear your ride or die BFF stories on Instagram @treat.em! Better yet, take a pic with your BFF and our BFF Box, we love making people’s days!