Protein Balls - Why we love them

Treat ‘Em have been a massive fan of Protein Balls since the genesis of our Healthy Dessert Boxes. Before we even released any dessert boxes, and even before our first original recipes, we went through 80 different healthy dessert recipes and over 50 kinds of Protein Powder. Sounds excessive, but we are committed to the pursuit of guilt-free deliciousness. It wasn’t until a mishap happened where we had the both of us working on the same recipe and were reading it wrong, mixed a bunch of ingredients from different quantities and our first protein ball was born (we are also self-proclaiming that these are the most delicious protein balls in the world) which is why our dessert boxes have become so popular.

If you’ve been following our journey so far, our dessert boxes deliver across Sydney but what makes them truly unique is that we provide healthy, delicious dessert boxes. Our purpose is for people to live and enjoy a more fulfilled, healthier lifestyle by providing a healthier alternative in a convenient, fun and delicious way. Our dessert boxes were made with the sole purpose of cheating the cheat days, but our protein balls are a big component of who we are and how we started. They are the real stars of our boxes because they are the perfect balance of the healthy yet delicious snack.

treat em protein balls

We chose protein balls as a key component of our dessert boxes and the Love Yo’Self Jar. Aside from creating the most drool-worthy, delicious recipes is mainly because of the multiple benefits associated. The ingredients we use for our protein balls are 100% natural, raw and non-processed, with absolutely zero refined sugars, no preservatives or artificial flavouring, unlike others that sometimes use butter, condensed milk or refined sugars to enhance flavours. Treat ‘Em only uses premium ingredients and we locally make them to maintain quality across our products.

Our protein balls all have good, healthy, nourishing fats essential for the human body from the nuts and seeds that provide a creamy texture with it’s own unique flavour. Nuts are able to pack a lot of essential nutrients, from the antioxidant-rich vitamin E, magnesium as well as omega-6 and omega-3 which actually improves heart health. Nuts also have the added benefit of satisfying those pesky snack cravings which curbs the desire to go down the rabbit hole of guilty snacking.

As the name suggests, our protein balls have protein in them. The protein powder we use is premium pea protein that is plant-based, so nutrients are easier to absorb into the body, it’s rich in iron and low in carbohydrates without sacrificing the protein content. With the protein powder and add in the nuts, our protein balls curbs those snack cravings without feeling too heavy after consumption. All ingredients we use are real, raw and natural to make sure that everything we do is both delicious, but most importantly, good for you.

Everything we do is for you, because we want to make sure that we are staying true to our mantra of treating ‘em the guilt free way, in a health and delicious way.

You can view our self-love range here!

treat em protein balls