Dessert Boxes Edition: Treat ‘Em Dessert Boxes unpacked

It’s a given that everyone loves food, but break that down, and the amount of people that have a sweet tooth is astounding. There’s just something satisfying when you eat something sweet, it has a magical effect of brightening your day, making you happier or making you feel better. It’s partially why Treat ‘Em is all about dessert boxes…we just don’t like feeling guilty hence why make our dessert boxes deceptively healthy and started the trend fopurposeful gifting.

Whilst I can rave on about our dessert boxes, and how amazing Treat ‘Em Healthy Dessert Boxes are (they definitely are amazing), one of our values is being transparent. Outside of packing all our boxes with love and care, we get asked all the time around what exactly are in our boxes and what exactly makes Treat ‘Em different from everyone else, from a delicious and healthy point of view.

treat em dessert box sydney

Let’s start with what makes Treat ‘Em, Treat ‘Em. We are a truly unique company as we are not your traditional ‘dessert’ company. The very essence of all our products are healthy desserts, where all ingredients are non-processed, non-refined and nutritious but still tasty with a sweetness kick from natural sugars. There is no other company like ours on the market with our product offering. We’ve combined the best of the celebrations, the birthday cakes and donuts of the world with the nutritional benefits of your vegetables, nuts and protein shakes to provide a gifting experience that people love, with the added personal touch of a gift message and handmade food to ensure each box is packed with nutritional benefits, disguised in the form of fun and delicious. Treat Em is a company that doesn’t require the sacrifice between healthy, delicious and fun, because we believe you can do both, which is where the creation of healthy dessert gift boxes can combine healthy, delicious and fun together. 


dessert box sydney


Our dessert boxes first started with Protein Balls, original flavours of Choc Coconut, Choc Peanut and Hazelnut Cream. Let me let you in on a secret, our Hazelnut Cream Protein balls taste like Kinder Bueno but have no chocolate. Don’t believe us? Taste it for yourself.

Our customers wanted more, and at Treat ‘Em, we are all about being innovative and creative, so thus, Caramel Crunch, Berry Bliss and Iced Coffee was born. We’re very good at cheating the cheat days.

treat em dessert box sydney protein balls

In true Treat ‘Em fashion, continually thinking outside the box, we also made an original creation – The Pronut! What is a pronut you ask? The pronut is non-baked protein donut, with absolutely no sugar and packed only with goodness. I won’t go through all flavours as not all have been released, but we have a Snickers, an Acai Berry, Golden Gaytime and Caramel Swirl Pronut. Magically, all healthy.

Pronut treat em healthy dessert box sydney

So what is it that makes these flavours, that sound so good but bad for you, actually good for you? For starters, we have ZERO sugar, no artificial flavours or colouring, and no preservatives in any of our recipes, for all dessert boxes. Everything we use is premium, natural, raw ingredients of the highest quality. We hand pick and source our ingredients from only the best suppliers before starting our creation process, all locally done. Our final addition to the mix is our pistachio rose slices, to give a delicate, different touch that’s perfect with tea or coffee.

To view all ingredients for our creations, you can click here. Our dessert boxes are Sydney only for now, but follow our journey @treat.em because we aim to go Australia wide.