Treat 'Em Tribe | Our Values

Hello Treaters! You’ve probably seen our dessert boxes, well, the healthy dessert boxes (including vegan dessert boxes) with zero guilt attached. Hopefully you’ve had a read of our story so far, where we took the idea of guilt free eating to guilt free gifting for everyone to enjoy a healthier yet tasty alternative.

As with everything else, there is more to our dessert boxes that meets the eye, where everything we do is purposeful. Treat ‘Em embodies the mantra that ‘The First Health is Wealth’, but more importantly, our purpose is for people to live and enjoy a more fulfilled, healthier life by providing a healthier alternative in a convenient, fun and delicious way.

Underlining our purpose, are our values that define who we are. 

Inclusivity. Sustainability. Transparency and Passion.

From the very beginning, a big part of starting Treat ‘Em was for our friends and family who wanted a healthier alternative, but we had friends who had different lifestyles, plant-based or vegan lifestyles where there was limited choice in what they could eat but also difficult to gift for. Hence we created a dedicated vegan range, where our vegan dessert boxes were born and boy, our vegan dessert boxes are the solutions to your gifting problems for your plant based friends. Now if you’re personally living a plant-based lifestyle, one of the most annoying and frustrating things you come across is that companies take advantage and have consumers pay more for vegan products. However it’s a different lifestyle and at Treat ‘Em, we don’t believe you should pay more for a different life choice which is why all our dessert boxes, both normal and vegan, are priced the exact same.

At Treat ‘Em, sustainability is always at the forefront of our mind because we believe that every small step makes a difference to our environment. Yet we’re always challenging the norm and looking to take it further which is why all our packaging is designed with the intentions of reusability. Our dessert boxes, including vegan dessert boxes are premium, high-quality magnetic clip boxes which can be used as storage for other household items (or if you purchase our Love Yo’Self Protein Ball Jars, you can always pack it in and re-gift to others - we won’t tell). Speaking of the Love Yo’Self Protein Ball Jar, we made sure that all jars are glass mason jars which means you can use in the kitchen for anything you’d like once you go through our protein ball stash!

Transparency - as a brand we are completely transparent about who we are, and what we use. We have nutritional guides on our page, along with product ingredients so you can always be confident that what you’re treating yourself, and treating others with, is actually nutritious (whilst still being delicious). We don’t hide anything, because we are proud of who we are, and the recipes we’ve created.

Lastly, we think this is the most important part of life. Having passion, and truly loving what you do and believing in why you do what you do. We stay true to our purpose, and we love what we do because Treat ‘Em is about sharing and spreading positivity, in a guilt free way. We love making people smile everyday and bringing smiles, surprises, with our boxes packed with love. We’re simply here to be an enabler of a healthier lifestyle, where people have a delicious yet healthy alternative. Our vision is to scale for global impact. We are passionate about every aspect of Treat ‘Em, which is why we’d like to invite you to join the Treat ‘Em Tribe in treating yourself, or your loved ones the guilt free way. Let’s go cheat the cheat days.