EXPLAINED: Vegan Dessert Boxes

Hey there, you’re such a gift to the world ❤

Have you noticed that there aren’t many options for vegan gifts in Australia, vegan gift baskets, vegan hampers and vegan food gifts? Honestly, it really sucks. I used to gift my plant-warrior friends, the same chocolate bars from my local supermarket because that’s what they liked! But it wasn’t very thoughtful, fun, unique or nutritious. 

So, fast forward to now and I want to show you what’s in our vegan dessert boxes and why the plant-warriors in your life will LOVE them. 

Vegan dessert box

Alright, so let’s start with our box - why is this even important you ask?

When you’re gifting something thoughtful every step needs to be, for lack of a better word, well thought out. 

We have a variety of boxes but my favourite is the reinforced, recyclable, magnetic clip box with a matte finish. The person receiving it instantly knows it’s a premium gift with the purpose of making them feel extra special. The great thing is we’ve made sure the box is beautiful, reinforced and magnetic so they’re able to repurpose it however they like. 

Now let’s open it up, to the REALLY good stuff. 

Our Classic Vegan Dessert Box is the perfect vegan food gift for your friends because the products we make are seriously raw. They are 100% organic (as if you picked it right off the tree!), dairy-free, soy-free, have no refined sugar, no preservatives and no artificial flavours. I forgot to mention, they are 100% VEGAN

vegan dessert box

The first vegan food we’re introducing is the Choc Peanut protein ball. Guaranteed to be a hit with any peanut butter fiends! It really speaks for itself. Some Treaters in the Treat Em Tribe have described it as flavourful, nutty and tastes like a Snickers. We can’t go claiming that yet, so if you taste it and let us know, we’d appreciate it. 


vegan dessert boxNext up we have the Hazelnut Cream. The texture is soft, sweet and probably one of our favourites! The best comparison is a less sweet version of a Kinder Bueno. Pair it with a cup of tea or coffee for some contrast, because they taste amazing together! A vegan dessert that is deceptively delicious, we know you’ll be coming back for seconds!! 

vegan dessert boxChoc Coconut is a staple in the protein ball world. I know you’ve seen this flavour everywhere!! The difference is this vegan sweet treat is moist in texture, has a distinct chocolate taste that is from organic, pure cocoa powder. The illusion of eating that chocolate bar you love so much but full of nutritional benefits. An absolute MUST for any vegan dessert box. 

vegan dessert boxFinally, the pistachio and rose slice. Did you know its mostly made of mung beans? “Whats a mung bean?” I hear you asking. Its a bean sprout ... before they sprout! The texture is soft, smooth and a little crunchy when you bite into the pistachios. Sprinkled with edible, premium rose petals for a floral finishing taste. 






vegan dessert boxPukka tea has been a longstanding favourite of ours. 100% organic, delicious, unique flavours that enhance the flavour of our vegan desserts. Clean Matcha Green and Elderberry & Echinacea - one for the daily routine and one nightly ritual. 


Finish it off with vegan dark chocolate coffee beans (for a little extra treat), mixed nuts, lightly salted popcorn and nutty clusters to snack on in between main sweets in the vegan dessert box. 

Now we’re going to put it all together and this is it!! Our Vegan Dessert Box. So. Damn. Delicious. So if you’re looking for a vegan gift idea, guaranteed to please your girlfriend/boyfriend/mum/dad/brother/cousin/boss - everyone! 

vegan dessert box

No more boring, predictable, unhealthy vegan gifts that aren’t thoughtful. Yep, THE BEST vegan dessert box you could buy anyone **at least from our point of view**. 

Don’t believe us? Purchase a vegan dessert box for yourself or love yourself jar to try it.