The Shift to Practical, Guilt-Free Gifting – Dessert Boxes

It’s fascinating how a gift box can mean so much, and how gift giving has changed in recent times. The meaning has always stayed the same for gifts, a kind gesture, a meaningful thought, expressions of love or even an apology. Yet it’s the effect a gift can have on people, that makes all the above so much more worthwhile, where there is nothing but the conveyance of positive emotions that bring a smile to someone’s face or even a laugh.

However gift giving is an art itself. I remember when I was 13 and I received a beautifully wrapped gift box, delivered right to my door. It was heavy and big and oh-so exciting until I unwrapped it and it was the Chronicle of Australia – a book on the story of our nation. That moment scarred me and I decided to never give anything so disappointing. Which comes to the question and the problem of, what even makes a good gift?

It’s hard enough buying for your loved ones, trying to think of something meaningful, something they would like but not be so boring and conventional like chocolate desserts, make up, perfumes, clothes, toys, chocolate gift boxes, flowers, you get the idea. Apply that for the people you don’t know really well and the questions come flowing through, how much should I spend on someone? Will they like the gift? What makes a good gift? What’s an appropriate gift? What’s an easy convenient gift I can give? You’d think for some it’s an easy buying process, but making sure you buy something that will be both unique and likeable is no easy feat.

This is where dessert boxes, or edible gifts have come a long way, where practical gifting has become the preferred way because the gift box and contents itself is almost guaranteed to not go to waste, people love food (I mean who doesn’t love food) and there are options. Whilst dessert boxes have recently become well known, literally, chocolate desserts or donuts in a box i.e. donut boxes/literal dessert boxes, the world is transitioning, where the focus is now placed on health and wellbeing, that also includes guilt-free gifting. Treat ‘Em dessert boxes were created with that intention, to combine fun, delicious, healthy and convenience all together. Our dessert boxes are delivered across Sydney, to expand and be able to provide more alternatives that are both equally delicious and guilt-free.

Though, I’d also like to remind that whilst all our recipes are homemade, the next birthday box you need to arrange, you could also hand make your own dessert boxes for loved ones because if everything is personally made, whether it tastes good or not, the effort will be recognized and you’ll have that extra special sentiment to it. Of course, if you need a last minute tasty gift, give Treat ‘Em a click and we’ll deliver our dessert boxes Sydney wide. At the end of the day, it’s always going to be about the receiver, and how it’s going to make them feel, but at least now you can gift with purpose and practicality.