Our Journey - From Car Conversations to Start Up!

From car conversations to building a small business that embodies our values of health, wellbeing, inclusion and fun. 

10 months ago we were chatting in the car about how a unique gift idea such as doughnut boxes and hampers were fantastic, but we often found that we never ate the gifts we got. They were full of refined sugars, and processed ingredients that we didn't want to put in our bodies. (Even though we really wanted to eat it!) 

Venus and I are part of the masses trying to be healthy by exercising often and trying new diets that always seem to fall flat. We pushed ourselves to the point where we weren't happy with our progress because we weren't happy with the process. Health and fitness is not a "one size fit all" solution and that's what we want to help fix. 

So fast forward to today and we have created a small business that allows you to make easy, healthy choices for you and your friends. Healthy dessert boxes!

Our protein balls are our secret weapon and the most popular products in our lines. We created these recipes from scratch, testing and trying each ingredient, it's measurements and various protein powders to ensure they taste delicious. The product creation phase took 6 months to complete and we are always trying new flavours for the world to taste! 

We currently have 3 flavours released:

Snickers (Peanut galore)
Chocolate coconut (No chocolate) 
Kinder Bueno (Yep! That's right, you're thinking of the right one!)

And if you made it this far, we'll let you in on a secret for the next 3 coming up! 

Vanilla Iced Latte
Berry Blast

Don't believe us when we say it's delicious? Try it out for yourself, here.