Mother's Day Hampers in Australia

I was given this quote once, “your Mother is a walking miracle”. In a way it’s true - Mothers are the living definition of superwoman, they know how to make you smile, feel better, they know when you’re lying, they somehow always know when you need them most and they make the best meals, know your schedule better than you know yours and act as a best friend, sister, teacher on top of all that. It’s probably why Mother’s day is one of the most celebrated days nationally, and internationally. With the rising popularity of Mother’s Day, also comes with the rise of gift hampers. Mother’s Day gift hampers can sometimes be a single item, or have a combination of multiple things. However these days, with so many gift hampers around, how do you find one that’s not overpriced or overrated?


If you were thinking of a Mother’s Day Gift Hamper, either DIY it or go for something unique (which is always hard to find these days without it being gimmicky or just plain overpriced). READ ON if you want to give your mum the Best Mother’s Day gift 😉  


A DIY Gift Hamper starts from careful planning and fantastic execution.

Step One: Think about what your mum loves, what her hobbies are, what she loves to eat, what she loves to drink or do on the weekend. The list goes onto what her favourite colours are or maybe it’s something she’s wanted but never got the chance to get.

Step Two: Pick out these items individually, or maybe handmake some of these yourself. Maybe it’s making your own tea for her, or painting and decorating a teacup with her favourite colours, maybe baking her favourite cake or muffins

Step Three: You’ve already come so far with the DIY component, so you may as well go all in and hand make a card for her. What’s Mother’s Day without a card? A card is where you can pour a piece of your heart out and write something meaningful.

Step Four: Put everything together, wrap some cellophane and tie it with some ribbons, throw on some glitter if that’s what you think she likes and voila!


This all sounds great theoretically, but in practice, adult life keeps us busy and that’s why so many of us revert to a pre-made, unoriginal (boring) hamper – UNTIL THIS YEAR.


A first ever Mother’s Day Hamper – Native Flowers and Indulgent, Guilt Free Desserts

The significance of fresh flowers to express one’s feelings cannot be ignored at any cost. Treat ‘Em provides a golden opportunity to offer you different native fresh flower boxes  presented in an elegant rigid black box, with beautifully packaged treats to provide that extra special touch. Our flowers and desserts are locally sourced, locally put together and as a small business, we put in that extra TLC to make the gift that much more special. There’s even some stats to this, where 92% of Mother’s prefer native flowers compared to your average bouquets, bottom line, you won’t find anything else as unique and beautiful as our Native Flower & Dessert Box.


A Box of Love by Treat ‘Em:

We do have another option, for the mums who don’t like flowers and are hard core dessert lovers, we have the Box of Love which is essentially a combination of delicate slices, to indulgent bliss bites and guilt free. Organic Pukka tea is included for her to indulge during tea time. Budget friendly, delicious and beautiful packaging, bit of a win, win, win.


A Classic Celebration Box as a Gift Hamper For Mother’s Day:

Another more timeless alternative is our Classic Celebration Box which comes in a magnetic clip boxfor upcoming mother’s day. You can choose from these boxes to give your mother as a gift hamper on mother’s day. These Classic Celebration Boxes by Treat ‘Em can add a lot of joy and meaning. 


As a whole, there are so many gifts hamper ideas to present on Mother’s Day in Australia. But for something special and unique, there is no other gift like ours where you get the best of both worlds. Treat ‘Em has a dedicated Mother’s Day gift range, a new kind of hampers for you to make your Mother’s Day come true.