Gifts Ideas for Friends, Family, and Colleagues



Gifts Ideas for Friends, Family, and Colleagues

Gifts are meaningful, thoughtful gestures that can deepen connections and relationships. The beauty of a gift is the positive emotions it evokes in the people you care about, whether they’re someone close to you or someone you’re just grateful for. However, gifting can be really difficult because some people can be hard to buy for, or maybe you’ve forgotten that you needed a gift, or a natural last minute gifter. Sometimes, you might just be indecisive and prior to our Co-Founders Venus & Cynthia starting Treat ‘Em, they’ve always wanted to make sure it was the perfect gift. Treat ‘Em was created to make life easy by providing the gift that gets it right, for everyone, everytime. Here are some gift ideas to help you select the right choice for your loved ones (especially if it’s last minute).

For Her,

If you need a gift, or ever have any confusion when it comes to gifting, just visit Treat’Em. It gives you new ideas to show your care and love in the form of a beautiful gift for your loved one. We recommend the Ultimate Gift Box because she should deserve the best of the best and be spoilt with a delectable variety. This could be for your work wife, your girlfriend, your bestie, mum, or whoever those power ladies in your life are. Alternatively, we can look at Gluten-Free Donut Dessert Boxes, or any of our boxes paired with a Teddy Bear or our Rose & Vanilla scented Candles to give her maximum happiness!

For Him,

Men. Men are notoriously hard to buy for, boyfriends, dads, colleagues, all men. Either men aren’t the best at articulating what they want, or they usually already have what they want. It’s like shopping for someone who already has everything (that they care about). However there is hope…food is the way to a man’s heart, especially indulgent, delicious, high protein treats that are gender agnostic but packed with flavour. We would recommend our Protein Ball Jars as they come in an assortment of flavours, and for the protein ball addicts, they can continue with their own prescription to fuel this delicious, guilt free addiction. All recipes are Sydney made, with no refined sugar or preservatives. Each jar comes with 14 bliss balls to last them a week or a fortnight, although you would need self control to not eat it all in one sitting. Flavours include Choc Peanut, Choc Coconut, and Hazelnut Cream flavors. So gift away, subscribe away for those delicious monthly refills! 

For your Romantic Partner

When you love someone you want to show them you love them, but putting those thoughts and emotions, having them translate into the appropriate meaning can be sometimes difficult. Treat ‘Em is here for you and has a specific range for your loved one, including the  Box of Love. The Box of Love is one of our most popular gifts, packed and made with love - all ingredients sourced locally and all recipes handmade. Our Box of Love is filled with a delicious assortment including Love Pukka Tea, Choc Coconut Heart, Caramel Swirl Pronut, Choc Peanut Ball finished with an assortment of popcorn, mixed nuts and shredded coconut.  This Box of Love can be a wonderful idea to give your romantic partner. 

For Family,

Are you going to buy something ‘yummy’ for someone special? Are you interested in sending a birthday wish, congratulations message, or a thank you to your loved ones? Or maybe a “just because” gift because there’s no such thing as too many gifts. Family can be tricky to buy for as everyone has their own personal preferences. We would recommend our Classic Celebration Box or our Protein Ball Jars for those who can be a bit picky. Our gifts also come with personalised messages and, by request, can include hand written messages. 

At the end of the day, we are the gifting professionals who love, love. All forms of love from platonic, romantic to familial and we’ve got you covered. We love the art of gifting because it makes an impression and brings smiles to people. Sometimes life can get really tough, and during all those blips that’s when you have the people around you to help you through. The impact of a gift can be truly lasting. So if you need any gift ideas, Treat ‘Em has you covered.