Five Ideas to Make a Dessert Box More Special

Dessert boxes have become the most popular gift and for good reason: they combine delicious, indulgent and guilt-free treats into one package. Treat 'Em is Australia's Only Healthy Dessert Box, providing a wide selection of unique items in its Dessert Boxes. Reviews across Google & Facebook have received 5 stars, with something for everyone - from food lovers to those with different lifestyles, vegan to gluten-free to new mamas, there's something for everyone here. Our  recipes are 100% sugar-free, without any preservatives, or artificial flavors - and even though our dessert boxes are (somewhat biased), near perfection, you can always enhance your experience by adding some simple extras.


Five Ways to Make a Dessert Box even Better 

  • Sparklers 

A unique and nostalgic way to decorate your dessert box by adding sparkles can be fun. Remember when you were a kid and held a sparkler? Glitters and sparklers can add a bit of magic to a dessert box, making it perfect for the holidays. It's guaranteed to be more fun than the average candle.


Sparklers as a gift idea

  • Fragrance Candles

For those who prefer something more practical, our fragrance candles are another option. Featuring the scents of Australian eucalyptus and rose garden, this candle will fill your living room with beautiful scents. 

  • Teddy Bear

Teddy bears are a classic extra that adds a fun touch. Known for being incredibly cute, Teddy bears instantly bring smiles to people's faces. While flowers fade, teddy bears remain forever. Our favorite thing about Teddy Bears is that they allow us to relive childhood memories. An adorable, cute, and simple touch to finish off a Dessert Box, giving your gifts the ultimate touch.

  • Balloons

Perhaps you're planning to celebrate someone's birthday or want to congratulate someone on something special. You can add balloons to your dessert box to make it look colorful and unique. The extra pop of color is very noticeable when it comes to balloons, which are much more festive and fun. Treat ‘Em offers Happy Birthday & Congratulations balloons – the most popular event and best reasons to get your gifting game on.

Visit Treat 'Em for more choices to make the ultimate gift experience with your Dessert Boxes.

  • Handwritten Cards

While actions speak louder than words, sometimes words are necessary to convey a  beautiful message to your loved one. Treat 'Em offers beautiful, simple cards with handwritten messages for that personalized touch. Every box includes a message, but  you can never go wrong with something a little bit more bespoke. Visit our website Treat 'Em for more ideas to create a dessert box that's both affordable and impressive.


Sydney's favorite and only healthy Dessert Box is Treat 'Em. We cater for all events and dietary needs. Make it better, because go big or go home! To really spoil someone and show your love, add sparklers, balloons, cards, teddy bears, and anything else to make them feel special, let Treat 'Em be your go-to for guilt-free, delicious gift ideas wrapped up together in a box for your next order.