The Start of a Healthy Alternative – Introducing Healthy Dessert Boxes

There are so many temptations in life where a common dilemma is, why are all the good things in life bad for us? Soft drinks, alcohol or even juice are a much more fun option than water, a soft spot is there for the fried food, fast food and sugar. According to Harvard Medical School, we should only consume 9 teaspoons of sugar per day which is the equivalent to a 300mL can of soft drink, 20 teaspoons in frozen coke, 6 teaspoons in a glass of juice and the same for a cocktail if not more. 

Old habits die hard and we all know that sugar is bad, but just how bad? Weight gain is a well known side effect, heart disease is a heightened possibility, type 2 diabetes becomes an increased risk, cancer, ageing and the list continues.

We are somewhat aware, because every year, when the time of year arrives where it’s time to make a New Year Resolution, the most common resolution is to “be healthier”, “get healthy”, “eat healthy”, where health seems to be a recurrent theme. However, this complete switch is also part of the problem, where quitting something cold turkey and making that switch is incredibly hard. There are some superstars out there that can make that healthy switch, but for most, it’s a daily struggle and we find ourselves with the same new year's resolution, year on year. 

So why is being healthy – a concept so important to all of us yet so hard to achieve. For starters, sugar is addictive and brings more cravings. Food has an emotional pull and often we give up before the fight begins because “it’s too hard”. This is where transitioning into a healthier lifestyle is usually a journey, where every baby step into the right direction counts. Every choice in a healthier direction makes you that little bit stronger against the temptations in life, stronger in saying “no” sugar and bad food. Healthy to us, starts with no sugar, no preservatives and non-processed ingredients, so everything that goes into your body has real, nutritional value and goodness to improve wellbeing.

Treat ‘Em started as a brand that encourages health and wellbeing, where you don’t necessarily have to be the fittest person, the healthiest gym junkie or model status. We understand the struggles of transitioning and is simply making the journey easier by providing that option of a healthier alternative that is equally delicious. 

We believe in a saying, cheating the cheat days. Enabling people to indulge and spoil others or themselves the guilt-free way. Our guilt-free, healthy dessert boxes give a new, tasty twist so everyone can enjoy the good things in life - without any refunded sugars, filled with 100% natural and nourishing ingredients.

So spoil your loved ones who have just started their journey and support them with a healthy dessert gift box to encourage them.