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These treats are super delicious! Not only is it so tasty but it’s great to know that a nutritionist is also involved in the making of these treats to ensure that they are healthy and nutritious! It’s also great to see the co-founders delivering the treats and wanting to learn about their clientele as well!

Carole Huynh

I received the dessert box as a gift, it was delicious!!! I loved the pistachio slice, and the presentation was amazing. Definitely would recommend, and will absolutely gift this to my friends too.

Erin Lee

Where heatlhy meets delicious

Re-inventing Gifting


Perfec gift for lovers

Love during Lockdown

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BFF Friendships are Forever

Actions speak louder than words. Next time you’re hanging out, sleeping over, or just chilling, grab a BFF Box to share and enjoy guilt free indulgence together.

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How to make a Dessert Box?

Honestly, it's a question we get asked more regularly than you'd think so we'll let you in on the secret so you can make the perfect dessert box for that certain someone! 

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Why Protein Balls?

Our purpose is for people to live and enjoy a more fulfilled, healthier lifestyle by providing a healthier alternative in a convenient, fun and delicious way.